Happy, motivated employees create delighted customers which result in profits.

“Profit is the applause you get for taking care of your customers and creating a motivating environment for your people.”

The One Minute Entrepreneur – Ken Blanchard, Don Huston, and Ethan Willis

I am passionate about creating great places to work.  I believe that creating a great place to work starts with happy, motivated employees.  In the software development world, I have found adopting the values and principals from the Agile Manifesto to be the most effective way of achieving this goal.  Based on those beliefs, my mission is to help companies and organizations that build software make the transition to agile, become great places to work, and receive lots of applause (aka profits) from their delighted customers.

About Matt

Matt Block is an Agile Evangelist, Practitioner, and Coach.  He began his career as a developer in a manufacturing environment where he learned about lean and Six Sigma.  He later joined a software company as a development manager where he introduced agile and scrum, building on his knowledge of lean.  He then established the Product Management group there, getting valuable experience as a Scrum Product Owner.  Since then he worked in various roles training teams and individuals in agile and scrum and coaching organizations attempting to be more agile.  Matt is currently a consultant for Fusion Alliance.

In addition to my work at Fusion Alliance and this blog, I always enjoy helping other software teams.  I like talking about agile and helping teams improve in their agile practices.  If you are interested in coaching or training feel free to contact me.  I also help organize the AgileIndy user group to help promote agile practices in the Indianapolis area.  If you are interested in agile I encourage you to attend one of our monthly meetings.  If you are experienced in agile, we would love to have you come present at one of our meetings.