Release Planning at Atlassian

One of Atlassian’s product managers recently published a blog post outlining how they do release planning (in Confluence of course, but could happen in any wiki/intranet tool).  What I like about it is they do a good job of capturing the high level vision and gradually drilling down into the details, and they include the team the entire way.  Often, especially in more “traditional” environments, the team has little to no visibility into the “why” behind a project or the high level plan.  In this approach, the team and stakeholders not only have visibility of it but contribute to building it out and are able to give feedback along the way.  I’ve done similar things to help build shared understanding and ownership and thought this was a good example to share.  Thanks John!

You need to make sure everyone on your team – plus other stakeholders like marketing and support – understands what you’re trying to build, why you’re building it, how long you expect it to take, and how the project is tracking towards release.

Source: Atlassian Blogs

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  • Matt – thanks for the write up and for sharing the post. I’m glad you found it helpful! I’d love to learn what other topics you might be interested in for future articles. Ping me on Twitter if you have ideas – @jwetenhall.

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