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Finally, remember that just as high EQ is not always a blessing—for example, it says nothing about a person’s reasoning ability, expertise, or ambition – it is not the end of the world if you yourself are the one with low EQ.

Source: How to Work with People Who Aren’t Good at Working with People – HBR

This is a decent article with some tips on how to better communicate with people who, as they put it, have “low EQ.”  Since agile is a people-focus process and puts a lot of emphasis on collaboration and discussion, we have to remember that not everyone is like us.  We all have different personalities and we all communicate in different ways.  If we can recognize how other people like to communicate and tailor our style to match what they prefer, we will be much more effective at working with them.

The one thing that bugs me about the article is that it does seem to talk about “low EQ” as being a negative thing.  At the end of the article they make a very feeble attempt at saying there are some positives.  I will take it a step further though and say there are no good or bad personalities.  They simply are what they are, the better we can recognize them and work with them the better off we will be.  I know many teams that have all of their members do personality profiling such as DiSC or other models.  It can be helpful to have your whole team go through this and learn about each personality.  Members can share each other’s scores on the related assessment and talk through them as a team.  This will help team members understand each other better and communicate with each other more effectively.

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