Agile Adlibs

Adam Weisbart has created what looks like a cool new retrospective tool, Agile Adlibs!  Just like the Mad Libs you remember from childhood, you have a bunch of blanks to fill in with certain types of words, then they get put into a story.  The result is always ridiculously funny.  I can see these being a fun team building activity and at the same time being the starting point of some good discussions.  I always recommend trying to mix things up at the retrospective using various different feedback gathering techniques and games, this looks like a good one to add to the mix!  Thanks Adam!

The hilarious retrospective that taps your team’s subconscious to concoct creative responses to familiar situations. Your team then unleashes that creativity to improve their process of working together day-to-day. Includes a Step-by-step facilitation instructions so you can run the retro like a pro.

Source: Agile Adlibs

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