LeSS – A Framework to Scale Scrum and Agile

There was a good post over on the Look Forward Blog about LeSS, an alternative to SAFe when it comes to scaling agile and scrum.  It sounds like a promising approach and I’m looking forward to learning more.  I particularly liked the following statement in the article.

There is a tendency in large organizations to replace careful, considered thought with mindless adherence to policy and that, in my opinion, spells the end of Scrum.

It spells the end to a lot more than just Scrum, but I see this often.  This sort of behavior seems to be supported by SAFe which is one of my main problems with SAFe.  It’s not that anything in SAFe is bad in and of itself, but the structure is easily misused and misunderstood.  It seems to suggest and fit into a top down approach, which doesn’t really fit well with building empowered teams.

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