XP is the Mac of Agile

Jonathan has a good post over on Agile Warrior comparing XP to the Mac.  XP was great, but has been outpaced by something simpler and easier to adopt similar to how the Mac was outpaced by the PC.

Scrum on the other hand was different. Instead of insisting developers and customers sit together and build software, Scrum said: “Why don’t you guys form a team, and ship something of value every 30 days.” It didn’t say how to do that. Only that working software every 30 days was the goal.

As Jonathan points out, this really allows the status quo, and all the same silos, to continue to exist.  As a coach you see this all the time, teams doing mini-waterfalls inside a 30 day sprint.  In fact, if someone tells me they are doing 30 day sprints I’m skeptical about how agile they really are.  The true value of agile and scrum comes when you break that status quo and really start working as a cross-functional team.  That is why many coaches encourage shorter sprints, it makes the pain of the status quo much more obvious.  You can’t do a lot of handoffs in two weeks or one week.

Anyway, thanks Jonathan for the great comparison.  Read Jonathan’s full post here.

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