Is Kanban Agile?

This is a great post by Philip Ledgerwood that dives into a recent argument that maybe kanban isn’t agile.  I really liked the analogies and he used to describe how kanban and scrum can affect organizational culture.

An organization that moves to kanban will have to change – culture, practices, values – everything. However, kanban does not require bulldozing everything an organization is currently doing. Rather than crushing the rock like another rock, it erodes the rock like water – pointing out the sharp edges that need smoothing and, organically and over time, carving out the Grand Canyon. It challenges a company’s practices and culture slowly and incrementally, but it does challenge them.


Scrum, by contrast, requires a pretty big displacement of practices. You can’t really incrementally Scrumify, and this is generally discouraged. The irony is that you can’t change culture overnight. … They do all the Scrum stuff, but the culture hasn’t had time to change, difficulties ensue and… guess what, Scrum doesn’t work! No, it does work. It’s just that you tried to take people from 0 to agile in thirty seconds.

There are many great points made in this article, I definitely encourage you to read it.

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