That’s Not Agile!?

The point I’m really trying to get across here is that for most enterprises, agile isn’t about the two week inspect and adapt cycle… it’s more about smaller batches and flow at the program and portfolio level. It’s more about limiting work in process of major initiatives. It’s more about establishing a predictable and reliable delivery cadence that gives executives options for managing their business. Being agile isn’t about making it up as you go and not writing anything down… it’s about reliably and consistently putting products into market that your customers will use.

via That’s Not Agile!?.

Great point Mike!  I definitely agree that the predictability that agile brings to the table is definitely its biggest advantage.  It is very different than the perceived and often false predictability of waterfall, so this can often create a large amount of fear in moving towards this model.  Success stories can definitely aid in easing this fear.

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